On and about October 21, 2011

Hi-dee hi, folks, hi-dee ho. The weekend is here again. Things are happening in our little berg and it’s been so long since I… did the work of looking stuff up that I feel outside of the conversation. At least outside of my internal dialogue. As it happens I shall be cookin’ tonight – chicken fried steak for poor sad Jason Ramos Raid Projects Jason) who put out on Facebook a plaintive call for quality gravy and meat. Being a grandmother at heart, I took pity. Tomorrow we drive to San Diego for the light and space extravaganzae. Light and Space, steak and gravy, Cab Calloway and Minnie the Moocher – life is beyond good.

Raid Projects website: https://raidprojects.wordpress.com/

SD MCA website: http://www.mcasd.org/index.php

Christopher Knight review of all the atmospheric stuff: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2011/10/art-review-phenomenal-california-light-space-surface-at-museum-of-contemporary-art-san-diego.html

Hollenbeck at Actual Size brings Spencer Douglass and Gustavo Herrera together to spin the ellay baroque tale of a man called Hollenbeck, who dragged his sorry butt to California from Ohio in the mid 1800’s and developed much of East LA. Yes, that Hollenbeck. Amusingly, or fittingly enough this exhibition takes place in Chinatown at Actual Size.

Actual Size website: http://www.actualsizela.com/rightsite/current.htm

Spencer Douglass and Gustavo Herrera website: http://www.douglassherrera.com/

For Vertigo at the LA Mart, Durden and Ray bring to our senses about a million artists and a whole lot more action than you can stand. Just kidding. It seems the web host for this event is Facebook, so sign up now. (And test your popularity, just like in high school.)

Vertigo web page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=302732223076208


Artist Curated Projects, as a fluffer to their exhibition My head is falling out so I’m standing on my stomach have invited Farrah Karapetian and Davida Nemeroff as one among a series of “Practice” talks. These feature artists talking, or practicing to discuss, their practices… in a public setting. No reason to be nervous – audiences are often kind, loving and non-judgmental. Except when they’re hecklers!

Armory event website: http://www.armoryarts.org/visit/2011-armory-events/practice-farrah-karapetian-and-davida-nemeroff/view/2011-10-22

By the way, on November 5 the Armory for this Practice series will host Kelley Cline and Dashiell Manley. Go to town.


mara de luca

Mara de Luca shows new paintings at Luis de Jesus, opening on Saturday. I only know de Luca’s work by rumor – a few years ago a friend called and recommended that I check out her paintings. At the time de Luca had just installed an exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and – which was good for me – she installed a curious accompaniment to that SD work on telephone poles along the center of Venice Blvd in West LA. David and I drove up and down the Blvd one afternoon, our gazes cocked for what might look like art. Who knows. Anyway- images on the SD MCA site were compelling and so I am looking forward to seeing new things from de Luca.

Luis de Jesus website: http://www.luisdejesus.com/exhib_dtl.php?sid=50

SD MCA Cerca Series website: http://www.mcasd.org/exhibitions/606/

Mara de Luca website: http://www.maradeluca.com/

Molly Larkey, sculptures and paintings at Human Resources, The Lost Alphabet, Pants That Fit and Other Implausible Disguises. This is another among the Facebook only web presence exhibitions. It seems as though Statler Waldorf, Larkey’s gallery sideline, will have work upstairs by Sophie Lee, Anne McCaddon, Allison Miller and Yunhee Min. (Speaking of alphabets Molly – which one did you use for that listing of artist names?)

Molly Larkey exhibition web page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306800219336792

Statler Waldorf exhibition web page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145610812204501

Kelly Kleinschodt’s exhibition at Carter & Citizen is closing tomorrow with a final violin performance by Morgan Paros and hors d’oeuvres by Sarah Beadle and Kleinschodt.

Carter and Citizen website: http://carterandcitizen.com/

Brett Cody Rogers’ exhibition at Pepin Moore will cease fire tomorrow at 6 pm. Go see.

Pepin Moore website: http://www.pepinmoore.com/Pepin_Moore/Main.html

There is more, you can find some of it at our friends’ Art Cards: http://artcards.cc/losangeles/

I’m going to pound steak.


Oh wait. Before I go and no where near October 21, I have in my hand an announcement that York Chang and Ruby Osorio are hosting a paella party for those lucky souls who donate at least $25 to the Group Dynamics and Improper Light Kickstarter campaign. Gina Osterloh has gotten significant support from friends of yours and mine and needs only a bit more to make her residency at LACE a spectacular fact. Especially cool because some kind group or person has vowed to match each dollar that is given by others.

Eat paella, make art, come to LACE.


(God I hope that paella announcement York sent me isn’t for a private event!! See you there.)

Michael Rey, Dum-Dum, 2011 oil on plasticine clay on panel 50 x 40 inches


Hey. Since I still have you, and since I know you are going to Chinatown, I feel I should alert you to Michael Rey’s show at Young Art. Dracula Plus Plus. Eww. From the press release I understand that Mr. Rey will show us monochromes made of a material called oil-based plasticine clay, which remains malleable forever. (I am imagining rectangles of flesh, waiting for the impression of teeth.) He’ll show sculptures, too and so I imagine I am way off base in my estimation. I won’t know until I visit, and so… like Jonathan Harker I shall travel by train and carriage to C-town for my pound of… art.

Oh wait. I know this person. He is not a blood sucker – he makes cool large carved wood sculptures and he showed these last year at JB Jurve. I think he is half Jurvey, even! A little finger clicking and things become clear. Congratulations Michael Rey on your new solo show! Excited and holding my breath am I.

Young Art website: http://youngartgallery.com/

Michael Rey website: http://www.michaelrey.net/

I find that ArtWeek LA has a nicely illustrated and informative Preview: http://artweek.la/issue/october-17-2011/article/michael-rey-dracula-plus-plus

You are free.


Only because I watched this version as a kid and Palance’s performance was sort of pre-legendary at the time. People swooned, I swear.

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