Creative Commons Critique: Michael Asher appreciated at Cirrus

Michael Asher at University of California, Irvine graduation, 1966. Follow link for pretty cool UCI blog.

A Conversation Regarding Michael Asher and the Legacy of Post-Studio Critique 


Saturday Oct. 29th  


Michael Asher and Post-Studio Critique


Michael Asher and Post-Studio Practice



Organized by Michael Ned Holte and Aaron Wrinkle

In Conjunction with the exhibition “Once Emerging, Now Emerging”


first come, first serve basis- limited seating 




Michael Asher – Untitled (1974) Installation view, Claire Copley Gallery, Los Angeles     



Once Emerging, Now Emerging


Curated by Jean Milant and Aaron Wrinkle

Cirrus Gallery
542 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tuesday- Saturday 10am- 5pm

From "It Happened At Pomona: The Hal Glicksman Years" at Pomona College Museum of Art. If you haven't yet seen this perfect exhibition GO TO POMONA NOW! OPEN 24 HOURS FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. IF YOU HAVE PST PTSD SEE THIS AND RELAX. YAY REBECCA MCGREW ALL OVER THE PLACE. Image from Super Mario's Art Blog which has many additional images from the show.

Once again your friend Geoff Tuck has been trolling the internet and his in box for interesting stuff to share. Friendly fellow, that Geoff! Follow the Pied Piper of Contemporary Art (A.W.) and The Quiet Young Wizard of Valencia (M.N.H.) to Cirrus and engage in conversation about Michael Asher, a gentleman who is a hero to many.

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