Can I officially say, “Good Golly Miss Molly, Check This Out!”

Thursday and Friday evenings at Art Center South, 8 pm sharp three things will happen- each of them good:


Mark So, accompanied by Julia Holter, will present a new composition: Reading Illuminations [Reading 41] a musical score based on the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud

For those of you out of the So loop, know that he cheerfully holds a preëminent position among Los Angeles based composers.

Mark So AxS Festival:

Mark So personal website:

A few Mark So images:

(So’s good cheer comes from being a nice person, rather than relying on some market-attributed status… yay to the underground.) (Please know also that this same is true of each performer in this AxS Festival. Music, like performance, requires the patience of a saint from its practitioners. You think visual art gets little support in our culture? Go to a “new” music concert some time. The lovers love it, the rest just walk by shaking their heads. Be a lover.)


Yann Novak and Robert Crouch present Fata Morgana, a multi screen fragmentation that shares the fleeting and mysterious experience of a fata morgana mirage (wikipedia) using video and audio field recordings.

I repeat my above comments regarding sainthood of musical artists and my admonition to Be a Lover.

Yann Novak and Robert Crouch AxS Festival:

Yann Novak website:

Robert Crouch website:

Assorted Novak and Crouch images:


Carole Kim, with additional performers Oguri, Roxanne Steinberg, sound by Aaron Drake, and video processing by Jesse Gilbert shows a multi-media and live performance work SCAN

Carole Kim AxS Festival:

Carole Kim website:

Carole Kim and other images:

AxS Festival main website:

General information: Art Center Wind Tunnel Gallery, 36 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena

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