Aaron Wrinkle Presents (at his own site) Javier Peres

© Courtesy of Javier Peres


October 2011

AARON WRINKLE is very pleased to present gallerist and friend Javier Peres’ Sunset Boulevard, 1970-1993, 2011 as part of the ongoing online exhibition Image and Text.  Peres’ Sunset—- is part of his series of paintings appropriately referred to as “Rivers” dedicated to the legendary actor River Phoenix.

For Image and Text artists and other art professionals have been invited to submit an image of their liking along with a descriptive text.  The images can be anything from an individual work, a portrait of a favorite artist or person, a favorite site, artwork or architecture and other images possibly pulled from the internet or personal archives.  In general here the images propose or suggest taste whereas the artist’s meaning behind these desired presentations is specified through writing. 

Aaron Wrinkle is a web based organization created to generate discourse, on and off the web, drawing from colloquial uses of the business name, logotype, and the ways galleries and other art institutions represent their organizations online. It is a hybrid space exhibiting writings, documentation of places, artworks and special web projects by artists. It focuses on the thinking and language behind the web as a primary and secondary viewing platform of art production to facilitate a conversation on this topic.

To view visit www.aaronwrinkle.org or http://aaronwrinkle.org/image-and-text (direct link)

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And we here at Notes on Looking would like to congratulate both of our friends, Aaron Wrinkle and Javier Peres for the good work they each do. Aaron currently is working on a year-long curating project with Jean Milant at Cirrus Gallery, and Javier – it has been entirely too long since we’ve (or I’ve) seen you in Los Angeles. We miss you bad man.



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