Loving you is like communion with morte d’angelo

The final promenade at the Crystal Palace

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Various Crystal Palace images: Rhode Island College website


If you’re a 19th century London Aesthete, or an early Industrialist like maybe Josiah Wedgwood or one of his compadres, and you find yourself in Los Angeles tonight, say near MOCA, you might see your beloved Crystal Palace being… desecrated by a throng of lewd commoners. Another possible reading of the tea leaves staining your wrist tells me that you (we) may be invited to use your (our) creative genius (we all know that you aesthetes and early industrialists are famously genius-equipped) to create a distantly possible revisionist future from the ashes of our presently charred gravitas-less cultural milieu.

(Conspiracy theorists would have it that MOCA did actually die back in that financial train wreck, and has been replaced with a soul-less simulacrum. But we know better, don’t we?)

Probably if you are a Dandy Type, you belong to one of those secret societies like the Freemasons or a latter day Hellfire Club and are accustomed to engaging in social drink, unholy combinations of illicit drugs and wanton sexual behaviour – but in Victoria’s day you did this all in secret.

Here! In the public square! At a repository of higher culture even! A people are celebrating the demise of much that you in those earlier days held dear – and also investigating the teetering condition of our current day’s cultural health – at the very museum that almost couldn’t: MOCA in Los Angeles.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, scholars and fools, MOCA’s Engagement Party presents to you artist, provocateur, spiritus agens, intellectual ambassador with portfolio- Liz Glynn and her latest project Loving you is like _______ the dead tonight, Thursday, October 6, 2011, 7 to 10 pm at MOCA (Grand Avenue, I think)

Dress warmly, but be prepared to make some heat.

MOCA Engagement Party: http://www.moca.org/party/lizglynn/

Liz Glynn: http://www.lizglynn.net/

Glynn at Redling Fine Art: http://redlingfineart.com/

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