Jen Smith – make pickles (come hear our brass band)

Jen Smith led a conversation at Molly Larkey’s Statler Waldorf Gallery booth at Co/Lab and also rode a parade float in Trespass LA, where she handed out the above cards.

At Co/Lab Smith offered bread and butter, jam and pickles to those who joined the conversation. Without seeming to she then got us all talking to each other, introducing ourselves, sharing memories and ideas. Her notion of an “economy of time” resonated deeply in me – as it did in others listening. By focusing, making, by allowing our hands to work and so asking physical handicraft to lead our brains, we just might reach a place of superego-less reverie. When we do this in a group… well, it’s difficult not to connect with people whose hands have shared your task.

Jen Smith is Full Moon Pickles: Pickles, Art, Catering and the Discursive Field.

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