Stadtler Waldorf Gallery at Co/Lab: Art and Conversation in the Public Square

John Seal, "Cry Not For the Night, Oh Lonely One" 2011 Oil on canvas

On August 30 I received an intriguing invitation from artist/curator/community builder Molly Larkey:


I am writing to invite you to participate in a project that I am hosting at the Statler Waldorf Gallery booth at the Art Platform Los Angeles art fair this September 30th – October 3rd.  My idea is to provide a respite to the mind-numbing, visual overload of the art fair experience, by bringing into the booth a more informal, intimate, and intellectually stimulating social interaction, such as those that (hopefully) take place at my gallery/house.

To this end, I am inviting individual artists and/or curators to come to my booth and be available for discussion on any topic of their choice, for a predetermined amount of time (say an hour).  I will have a couch and comfortable seating in the booth, and I will be making available a list with the names of the artists, what will be discussed, and when they will be in the booth.  This is NOT a lecture or a formal presentation, just an opportunity to come sit with me and whoever else is there, and chat loosely around a topic that is interesting to you.  It doesn’t have to be about art, though it can be, and the topic can be as vague or as specific as you like. Queer content is MUCH encouraged!

I have invited you because I think you probably have something awesome you want to chat about!  Please let me know if you are interested, what you might want to discuss, and when you might be available to come by, so I can start to map out the hours. Also, give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions or would like further clarification.”

In addition to having a commitment to conversation, Larkey – under the guise of her home art space Stadtler Waldorf Gallery – has invited four artists to exhibit their work in her space at the Co/Lab fair.

It strikes me as a supremely generous gesture to invite people into one’s art space or home to be engaged with art and dialogue – rather than simply to pass through looking or be lectured at by a presumed expert.

Human qualities are foregrounded in Larkey’s practice – reflection, consideration, sharing, creativity, passion, inquiry, trading and commerce: each of these things is important to building community, and the simple instinct that Molly Larkey followed, “Oh! I have a space – why don’t I invite people in and make friends of them? As friends maybe they’ll be inspired to buy something, or teach or learn or all three.”

My own topic for conversation “Let’s all do the Hokey Pokey: Community and Alternative Art Spaces” developed as a response to the nature of the invitation. “You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you shake something and turn it all about… (and pretty soon we find ourselves) doing the Hokey Pokey” is my analogy for the creative cooperation that is required to run an alternative art space. LA is full of this energy! We enrich ourselves and the community by supporting our friends and others.

We don’t dance alone – we each take different steps, but still our bodies communicate, as well as our minds and our voices, and with practice and effort we dance together a kind of social waltz that makes a community.

(Um, hey – if you think what I do on Notes is not political then you haven’t been paying attention. In LA there are choices being made: to share, to support, to create, to encourage and to question. Actions being taken today can, by example, change our world. Quoting Nancy Gamboa, a friend and collaborator, “Let’s start the revolution!”)

Stadtler Waldorf Gallery website

Co/Lab at Art Platform website

Hereafter follows the important information you require to view and purchase the works in Stadtler Waldorf’s Co/Lab exhibition and also to attend the conversations.

(Color change indicates change of voice or character. And sometimes simply is an aesthetic decision (~;)

Statler Waldorf Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in CO/LAB at Art Platform Los Angeles.

Presenting works by four LA based painters: Jennifer Boysen, Jamie Chan, Anne McCaddon, John Seal. 

Anne McCaddon, Four Play 2, 2011, 54" x 45", oil on canvas

We will also be hosting “Tea and Conversation”: informal conversations with local artists, writers, and curators, on topics of their choosing.  Tea will be served; schedule of conversations is below.

Jennifer Boysen, Untitled, 2011, coal. marble dust and egg tempera on found metal structure (two works in image)

Friday, September 30th

5 pm    Cassie Riger: “George Kuchar and Contemporary Film and Video Art”
6 pm    Margie Schnibbe: “Compassion”
7 pm    Kate Gilbert: “The Longing for Objects (Lost, Destroyed and Missing)”
8 pm    Mimi Lauter: “Finding Your Hood; The Changing Landscape of Affordable Artists’ Space in LA”

Jamie Chan, "Edgemont," oil, pumice and nanospheres on linen, 21 x 23"

Saturday, October 1st

12 pm    Andrew Berardini: “A Compendium of Interesting Things”
1pm    John Knuth: “P.P.S.T = Post Pacific Standard Time”
2 pm    Corey Fogel: “Therapeutic Models, Feeling Fat, and Embodying Homosexuality as a (Mostly) Heterosexual”
3 pm    Geoff Tuck: “Let’s All Do the Hokey Pokey”: Community and Alternative Art Spaces
4 pm    Jen Smith: “The Discursive Pickle”
5 pm    Kristin Calabrese: “Space”

John Seal,"Another Pale View" 2011 Oil on canvas

Sunday, October 2nd

12 pm    Elysa Voshell: “Domesticity and Disaster”
1 pm    John Bauer: “False Intimacy: Mediated Gestures”
2 pm    Betsy Seder: “Photographing Ghosts”
3 pm    Suzanne Wright: “Happiness”
4 pm    Yunhee Min: “A Chat with Daniel Mendel-Black”
5 pm    Kristi Lippire: “Contemporary Art and Cultural Responsibility”

Jamie Chan, "Allergies," oil, paper-mache and nanospheres on linen, 21" x 24"

Monday, October 3rd

1 pm    Pearl Hsiung: “Jigsaw Puzzles:  Popular Imagery, Strategies of Task Completion, Interaction through Games and other     Jigsawed Concepts” (Puzzles will be provided.)
2 pm    Dawn Kasper:  “The Body + The Object ÷ Performance = X”
3 pm    Sophie Lee: “Feminism and Abstraction”

Jennifer Boysen, Untitled, dye ink, coal and specular hematite suspended in egg tempera on panel, 2010, 66 x 88

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