Monte Vista Projects at Co/Lab: Black Is The Color Of True

Floor piece: Jay Lizo Back left: Frank Chang Back right: Devon Tsuno

Monte Vista Projects: September 24th – October 22nd, 2011
Art Platform, Co/Lab: September 30th – October 3rd, 2011

Opening reception at Monte Vista Projects: September 24th 2011 7pm-10pm

Lara Bank, Chris Bassett, Frank Chang, Roni Feldman, Joe Goode, Dan Hockenson, Candice Lin, Jay Lizo, Nikki Pressley, Colin Roberts, Anna Skarbek, Steve Steinman, Devon Tsuno, Tyler Waxman

Starting from the foreground: Roni Feldman, Lara Bank, Anna Skarbek, Nikki Pressley


Monte Vista Projects, in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-198 and Co/Lab, is pleased to present ‘Black Is The Color Of True’. Inspired from Joe Goode’s Nighttime series, painted in the 1970’s, ‘Black Is The Color Of True’ presents artists using a predominantly black palette in their work. The Nighttime series are monochromatic black canvases painted in a loose network of brushstrokes, with cuts into the surface of the canvas revealing the wall color, which starts to create beautiful tension between foreground and background.

Sculpture on pedestal: Colin Roberts Back left: Anna Skarbek Back right: Lara Bank


The selected artists in this show have various perspectives in what the color black means to them. Some of the artists used the Nighttime series as a point of departure to create their works, while others are working with the color in their individual ways. Lara Bank’s Black Hole paintings are “scientifically” black, they suck our retina into the deepest shade of blackness.

Lara's dog Foxy


Roni Feldman makes beautifully subtle black paintings of crowds. Candice Lin’s graphite drawings address black from a racial point of view. Colin Roberts makes carefully tiled polycarbon glass tile pillowcase sculptures. Dan Hockenson will do a performance using black coffee serving it “cowboy” style.

Candice Lin


As examined in the catalog ‘Black Paintings’ (Stephanie Rosenthal) which featured artists work from the late 1940’s, such as Ad Reinhardt, Frank Stella, Mark Rothko, and Robert Rauschenberg, ‘Black Is The Color Of True’ continues to investigate the meaning of black in art. In addition to this exhibit Joe Goode’s black paintings will be on view at Michael Kohn Gallery from September 16th to October 29th. Viewers will have the opportunity to explore the generational relationship between the two exhibitions. ‘Black Is The Color Of True’ will continue to the Co/Lab Art Platform Los Angeles from September 30th to Oct 3rd at the LA Mart.

Monte Vista Projects are:

Nicole Antebi (The Salton Sea Projects at Kristi Engle Gallery, Summercamp, Water California

John Burtle (has a determined air of mystery about him: Burtle employs research-confounding name changes, the blending of his name with the names of others, and generally promotes an experience-forward manner of living and lacks even a basic personal website. This being the case, I shall link to as many Burtle related projects as I am able and perhaps this will give you an outline of this artist and the community in LA.)  John Burtle Eternal Telethon—-John and John Burtle and Barlog at Project Room g3 (Chickens of the People)—-I find that Burtle (among many others) has donated to Art for Sport: Save the Court, Create Community and I find that one may still donate (click here) to this important effort to preserve and promote the oldest surviving handball court in East Los Angeles – built in 1923. Going further on this tangent, I offer you a video presentation of the cultural, physical and psychological value of the Maravilla Handball Court:

Chris Bassett (my own experience of Bassett comes through the Institute For Mystical Capitalism Research Archives and Two Eras In and the super cool MC5 Ecstatic Energy Production 1966-1972 (incomplete)

Lara Bank (Bank’s projects have included Sea and Space, The Portable Forest, Art of Exchange and Primal Scream Painting

Carol Cheh is among the preëminent cultural critics working in Los Angeles, Cheh focuses her writing on performance. See her website Another Righteous Transfer.

Jay Lizo at Isolation Room / Gallery Kit,and at KCLOG

Satellite members:

Candice Lin at the artist’s own website, and at Francois Ghebaly Gallery

Frank Chang – the artist’s own website, The pyramids are just the tip of the iceberg, Meteorum Aegyptus, Amazon River Transplant

Joe Goode


Link to order a copy of the Co/Lab catalog:

Monte Vista Projects is located at 5442 Monte Vista St. Los Angeles, Ca 90042. For more info about the space, visit our website at:

Monte Vista Project’s booth for Co/Lab at Art Platform LA, presented by Artra Curatorial at the LA Mart, Concourse Level, 1933 S. Broadway Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Opening Preview: Friday, September 30th, 3-5pm, General Admission: Sat-Sun 11am-6pm, Mon 11am-4pm. For more information go to:

All photos courtesy Devon Tsuno, 2011

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