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Hi friends,

Any of you in Los Angeles and most of you anywhere else know that the Getty Institute’s Pacific Standard Time opens this weekend. A grand, searching fabulousness in the city without a past, PST documents and presents for our viewing art created in LA between 1945 and 1980.

Attendant to the main events at the Getty, just about every cultural institution in Southern California is participating by offering programing that either complements or offers a counterpoint to the Getty’s choices. In addition – should one have time to spare – local commercial galleries are also presenting exhibitions of similar work, either supported by the Getty or on their own initiative.

Getty Institute PST main website

Pacific Standard Time main website

Participating commercial gallery website

To further complicate our lives and delight our senses several art fairs open this weekend, too.

Art Platform international contemporary art fair

Co/Lab and a more comprehensive Co/Lab website here (for instance, click for free shuttle to the artist laden beer-garden-party at Angel City Brewing)

BOOM is a selection by Hammer curator Ali Subotnick of work by MFA students and recent grads from schools around So Cal.

Open Platform brings artists, writers, curators, collectors and other art world luminaries to a table of conversation and offers them, and us, an ‘open platform’ on which to expound, inquire and pursue dialogue. Organized by MOCA Senior Education Program Manager Aandrea Stang.

Epson Video Lounge, curated by Paul Young of Young Projects, will present to the audience (you and me!) a challenging series of experimental contemporary films.

Pulse international contemporary art fair

I find that ArtSlant has a nice listing of events for the opening weekend as well as editorial content.

ArtweekLA also has valuable information and commentary, here

East of Borneo investigates/occupies the intellectual space around and between Pacific Standard Time

Um, wow. LA Weekly pretty much owns the territory it inhabits. Texts by everybody. Michael Govan, Catherine Wagley, Eli Broad, Judy Chicago, Andrew Berardini, Barbara T. Smith, more and more and more. Eek.

ZList are always a source and resource (did you ever think of ‘resource’ as sourcing again?)

And ArtCards LA have a comprehensive listing that documents the monumental nature of the Getty’s undertaking.

At the LA Times’ Culture Monster writer Sharon Mizota has vowed to visit (and write about) every PST exhibit. Scary and impressive. Here.

I am not certain what particular plans Daily Serving have for the duration, but they do have my favorite writer: Catherine Wagley (okay, I have a lot of favorites – rest assured that Wagley stands out)

(The above is an effort to get straight in my own head just what is going on. If I missed things, as I imagine that I have, let me know.)

Have too much fun, see more than you can swallow, try to look at things you normally might disdain. If you don’t challenge yourself – no one will. (Same goes for me – if you hear me ranting tell me to pipe down and understand (-:)



  1. thanks, Geoff! my head is spinning, but this is helpful.

  2. Hi Geoff:

    We’d like to be included in your list of PST participants. We’re one of the galleries listed with the Pacific Standard Time events. We will be showing Gertrud & Otto Natzler – Form and Glaze, October 22 – November 26, 2011.

    Thanks, j.Reto

  3. Hey – my frustration is not finding a list of spaces showing PST related work who are not affiliated with the Getty. If you want your space to appear on this page throw me a comment and include your website. The link will appear in your name. FYI j. Reto.

  4. Thank you for this comprehensive list! Just what I was looking for!

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