Artist Project Travels – Justin Thomas Schaefer from Minnesota

Thanks everyone,

Schaefer recently exhibited at Night Gallery with John Bianchi, Jay Heikes and Sean Townley and in a solo show at Dan Graham. Schaefer is reporting from Minneapolis, Minnesota (and environs)

Dan Graham, formerly of Chinatown seems once again to be off the air.

In April 2011 Schaefer was selected to participate in the LAPL Central Library Works Sited project by curator Olivian Cha.

Visit the site – first the website and then the library itself. Since 2009 Cha has been seriously (and successfully) challenging artists to engage with books and other materials from the library archives and bookshelves.

That would be:

Art, Music, & Recreation Department
Central Library, Los Angeles Public Library
630 W. Fifth st.
Los Angeles, CA


Now it’s me, Geoff saying Thank You.

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