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Aaron Wrinkle: about

Aaron Wrinkle is a web based organization created to generate discourse, on and off the web, drawing from colloquial uses of the business name, logotype, and the ways galleries and other art institutions represent their organizations online. It is a hybrid space exhibiting writings, documentation of places, artworks and special web projects by artists. It focuses on the thinking and language behind the web as a primary and secondary viewing platform of art production to facilitate a conversation on this topic.

Aaron Wrinkle: image and text

For Image and Text artists and other art professionals have been invited to submit an image of their liking along with a descriptive text.  The images can be anything from an individual work, a portrait of a favorite artist or person, a favorite site, artwork or architecture and other images possibly pulled from the internet or personal archives.

In general here the images propose or suggest taste whereas the artist’s meaning behind these desired presentations is specified through writing.

(Exhibition Ongoing)


Click through on either the green or the orange text above to view the inaugural exhibition of Wrinkle’s project, this with artist Calvin Lee.

Think of Aaron Wrinkle: something new under the sun as an introduction to and an incentive to visit this new project of our friend Mr. Wrinkle. If I had also posted Lee’s project on this page then you might not click through to see the real thing. In this virtual universe ‘real’ means leading visitor outside of one’s own site. This way readers will have their own experience of a project, first hand. I trust that readers will use that same first hand to return here. Respect, trust and affection – no website can live long without these. File under: notes on webbing.

Calvin Lee’s website: www.cleancalvin.com

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