Native Strategies: Volume #1 available!

Native Strategies is a new experimental platform and journal for performance art in Los Angeles. Initiated by Brian Getnick, Zemula Barr and Molly Sullivan, each issue will be released following a series of performances curated around themes, strategies and ideas oresent in the work of Los Angeles-based performance artists. Over the course o ffive years, the interviews, essays, reviews, drawings and photo documentation from each issue will be compiled into a book.

Quoting above from Brian Getnick’s introduction to Volume #1 of this series, So Funny It Hurts, which was released last week in a party at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and is available for purchase at LACE.

Artists, writers and photographers who participated in the performances and who contributed to the book inlude Asher Hartman, Curt LeMIeux, Franc Baliton, Patrick Kennelly, Michael Morrissey, Joe Seely, Jasmine Orpilla, Alice Cunt, Kale LIkover, Nathan Bockelman, Lauren Weedman, Paul Outlaw, Danyel Madrid, Hans Kuzmich, Taka Yamamoto and Tyler Binkley. Writer and performer Jared Bazter participated as an audience member in Nathan Bockelman’s performance and contributed an interview with curator Brian Getnick to the text.

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Notes on Looking blog:

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Native Strategies Launch Party

Compilation of “So Funny It Hurts” performance video clips on YouTube

Visit these Native Strategies links, it will be worth your while. Brian Getnick is  thoughtful practitioner and he is a brave explorer. This series he’s launched will develop deep thinking and challenging conversation about performance in the Los Angeles art community. I think it may also help inform our community on just how expansive and alive a gathering of people can be. By “gathering of people” I mean all of us who pay attention, who make art and who write about it. We who talk about art and think about the art in Los Angeles. In other words, I mean you and me.

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