But first I must apologize to Dan Finsel for using my i-Phone camera

Dan Finsel, Self Box #1 at Francois Ghebaly

Dan Finsel, Self Box #1 at Francois Ghebaly

Dan Finsel in the exhibition “The New Verisimilitude” at Francois Ghebaly on La Cienega, part two of this exhibition appears at M+B Gallery on Almont in West Hollywood. This is a beautiful exhibition, having seen only the Ghebaly component I must now take myself to West Hollywood.

who’s the guy? the bow is tender, sweet…

hat box, facepaper__x_covered w/ silver

and white w/bows

thin paper = eyes cut


Shirley Temple glances sort of a flat gaze :: curious b/w outfit

covers reveals protects armoranddesirein 1922

matching wraps @ wrists + right upper arm



ties twisted but no, that’s the next–in a darkened space, windows white with light


“You know those boxes? There’s this way they use art for therapy, you make this box-the outside is what you show the world and inside is… well you get the idea.

I found these hat boxes, from the 1970’s or the 1950’s. Well, the boxes are still used today.

Shirley Temple sitting on this man’s lap… a star, a child, a stand-in for millions of people, in those peoples’ own minds.

That was so long ago…

And so like life.”

Radically misquoted from conversation with Dan Finsel at the California Community Foundation Announcement Party.

Geoff Tuck, July 23, 11:43 am, 2011

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