So Funny It Hurts, last night

Last night at LACE was a rich and full experience for me. Paul Outlaw’s performance “What did I do to be so black and…” first, was a beautiful thing and second, pushed a lot of my own buttons. The “So Funny It Hurts” panel discussion, which followed and which I moderated, was exciting and fruitful. More as we go along.

I always find myself nervous and frightened after the fact of such a public event. During the night and then again this morning, as I reflected on particular moments in the 90 minute event, I found my face clenching without my conscious direction. “Oh god, did I really say that? Damn – she looked at me like I was nuts” and “crap – even when I’m being stable and in charge, (or ‘performing’) people can still see me. My body and the phrases I use completely expose what I’m feeling, even though I’m trying hard to think and look smart.”

Um, yes indeed everyone is a performer – or at least I am.

I was reminded how important it is for me to quiet controversy and to avoid conflict. (I am sort of a natural ‘moderator,’ perhaps.) At a point when the questions became juicy I began to flush and stammer. I know once again that my focus is often on the conflict as a fact, and not on the facts under discussion. This moment became a turning point in our discussion, and my instinct was to attempt to move away from the confrontation. I am lucky that others in the group were eager to take it on!

For a charged time we all called back and forth, questioning the difficulty of writing about performance. One gentleman gave a lengthy and erudite sort of run down of the challenges of both performance art and of writing. From that nice moment of clarity we were posed another puzzler: can writing be generative and point to a future, in addition to or instead of being a record and critique of the past?

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