update on Philip Glass and Akhnaten

Okay. Philip Glass does not speak in arpeggios. As I illustrated last week with extensive quotes, Glass is a fascinating and generous speaker.

There are partisans on both sides of teh “Glass divide” even these many years on, always willing to argue the finer points of Glass’s music. Who has time?

Go back to the previous two posts and listen to the music that is linked. I defy you not to find it beautiful and to be moved. “Window of Appearances,” the Love Duet, “Funeral of Amonhotep III,” and on and on. We bought the cd of this opera in 2003ish after the LA Phil’s Minimalism Jukebox festival and then played it in the car for probably 5 years whole. You know how much time David and I spend in the car so figure that adds up to more than one hundred complete listenings. I never became bored. The music still thrills me. Eek indeed.

Do I think that I or you must love everything that Glass has written? Good lord. Why make such demands on yourself or on an artist? But if you love music then you are missing out unless you try.

D and I saw the Long Beach Opera production of Akhnaten on Saturday. We had a blast, and I am speaking as a devotee of a particular recording – from which the current production varies quite a bit. You’ve got another chance to see it yourself this coming Sunday.

Long Beach Opera, Sunday March 27 Akhnaten by Philip Glass.

Thanks again and have fun listening,

Geoff Tuck

Philip Glass 1

Philip Glass 2

Philip Glass 3

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