Emily Mast at the Velaslavasay Panorama

Hi friends,

Emily Mast, she of Bread Subscription, Emily Mast (with Jerome Bel) (nice discussion of this 2010 Torrance Art Museum piece on Another Righteous Transfer by Carol Cheh), Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (I suggest that you listen to said actor whistling here), It will never be known how this has to be told 2010 Steve Turner Gallery curated by Andrew Berardini.

There is of course much more Emily Mast discourse on the Web – one document I feel is important is Mast being interviewed in 2009 on Performance Art World.

This same Emily Mast will be performing Peter Handke’s anti-play Offending the Audience at the Velaslavasay Panorama this weekend, from Friday March 25 through Sunday, March 27.

I won’t pretend to know anything about this play, and not much about Handke. From a google search he is pretty impressive. Mast I know to be impressive from past exhibitions and from recommendations by people I trust.

One sad truth for me is that I will be out of town this weeekend and will miss this event. I am sort of hoping one of you will go see and then tell me about it. Please? Any volunteers? Did you always want to be an unpaid reporter-at-large for this unremunerated wearer-of-all-hats/editor-at-large of Notes on Looking?

Ticktes available here

Emily Mast site here

Amazing Panorama here

By the way, when you do visit the charmed space that is the Velaslavasay Panorama, make sure you ascend the spiral staircase and view the glacial scenery of the Panorama itself. Wow. Be real quiet and sit. You’ll hear the crackling of the ice floes and the glaciers melting. You will notice the light moving around the vista, taking you through a twenty-four cycle. This is magic of the highest order. Well done Panorama-ers!!!! And thank you for adding delight to our city.


Have fun this weekend,


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