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June 3, 2010, which like all my posts is a chain letter of love for the LA art community – has been entirely relinked, tuned up and polished. 3200 words, with forty-five-ish hyperlinks.

Hot diggity freaking dog. What are the highlights from that long ago post?

Gaylen Gerber, Kathryn Andrews and Matteo Tannat in “Support Group” at Cottage Home. (In my memory one of the best exhibitions anywhere last year.)

Actual Size, initial contact. The 2009 show featured Autumn Ramsey and Tyson Reeder. The Sizer’s once again this month have an exhibition that to me sounds great: “Angle of Incidence,” with work by Larry Fink, Alex Prager and J. Patrick Walsh. Fink you must know, Prager too – unless you just don’t pay any attention at all. Walsh, I’m told is a grad student at USC. I found a curious 2007 interview with Walsh talking about Busters Magazine on YouTube. I also find text and another video – these from Chicago’s Monument 2 – about “Our First Sixty Nine,” an exhibition Walsh did with Natalie Labriola. A 2009 exhibition, “Kitten” with Andres Laracuente, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and JPW3 at NY’s Thrust Projects, which is now Jane Kim Gallery.

Larry Mullins at Blythe Projects in Culver City.It seems like Blythe Projects is quiet until March 19th when “Perception,” a group show curated by Michael Salvatore Tierney opens.

Robert Heinecken at Cherry and Martin. And now in 2010 you can see two exhibitions of Heinecken work: Cherry and Martin and Marc Selwyn. Opening Saturday and Friday, respectively.

There was also a fantasy story about David and me getting puking drunk at Mandrake and then fist-fighting about conceptual art strategies and the relative importance of Marshall McLuhan.

Um, there may have been more…

Oh right!!! Valery Gergiev conducting Stravinsky’s Firebird!! Eek. If you have a heart or a soul, or just wish you had – LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC. IT IS ASTOUNDINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND GERGIEV IS A PROUD, SEXY, SWEATY MESS BY THE CLOSE.

Lunch done, except for the eating, I check now out.


But wait he posted 3 hours later – in additional exciting news Lionel Bringuier, the LA Phil Associate Conducter who inspired me originally to look up the Firebird videos is once again leading the Phil in a concert this weekend. Smetana, Schumann and Dvorak.

At that memorable concert last June, Bringuier picked up where an injured Gustavo Dudamel left off and led the players in stirring – nay absolutely magnificent – readings of Stravinsky’s Firebird and Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique. You should definitely want to see what he does this time!!

Yay Lionel!!!

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