A note about paying attention and about David Horvitz

David Horvitz is a good friend. We’ve not met face to face but we’ve been exchanging emails and snail mails for more than a year now. If anyone asks me I will tell them that Horvitz is one of the smartest artists working today. His practice is light-hearted but still deeply intelligent. When one buys a work of art from him often all one gets to take home is……. nothing. Nothing that is but the experience of an exchange, possibly some digital evidence, a lot of emails, a ton of charm and a way to consider something outside one’s self. I’m being real quick here and of course there is more to his practice – for instance I have physical evidence that Horvitz is a truly remarkable photographer and an organizer/generator of occurrences that might feel like happenings or might turn out to be ambitious publications or exhibitions.

If you want to know what in the heck the two images above are all about, go to the Quotes page and scroll down to the 2/2/11 quote.

Have fun!!

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