There are things we all must do and see btwn today and Jan 23

And I’m late telling you about most of them, favorite people that you are. Oh dear.

The Collective Show. All over our fair berg there will be collective action taking place.

Check the events page: 

Check out the Satellite events: 

You kind of don’t want to miss this – granted it’ll be difficult to be everywhere, but pick your event(s) and stick to your plan.

Tuesday, Jan 18 Night Gallery has an exhibition opening: WP9 – Miles Coolidge, Patrick Meagher and Yunhee Min.

The email I got makes this intriguing statement:

“Pull out the plugs, turn on the highbeams, süss out the room with a flashlight, mind the interstitial spaces and recessions . . . A decade-and-a-half after time together at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany- from bar chats to breakfasts at the local artist’s club, WP8- the conviviality reconvenes at Night Gallery for a collaborative show of light fancies.”

So – student hijinks will mix once again with intellectual endeavor with our friends Min, Coolidge and Meagher.

Show up after 10 pm on Tuesday. Avenue 19 and Broadway. One of the sweet spots on the LA art map!

PDC this Thursday – the usual intense cluster**** of openings. Do you know? I’d love to link you to the Design Loves Art page on the pdc website but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

Here’s a link to the main PDC page in case they get something up and here’s a link to Annie Wharton Los Angeles – no implied favoritism, it’s simply that I got an email from Daniel Ingroff and he has work in a group show Annie is opening this Thursday, Jan 20 in her space. There will be more, and I’ll get you more details as they arrive. Um, feel free to make use of the “Comment” feature if you have info about any upcoming openings or events!!


  1. It’s a nice world we live in. Thank you Helen!

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