The Real Deal: Weekend of Jan 13 thru 17

Hi friends,

I’m listening to the O’Jays “Love Train” right now. I can’t think why.

We have treats before us, beginning on Friday at the Velaslavasay Panorama. Dr. Jed Adams, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research will talk with us about 19th CeDtury color vocabulary studies. The ways we talk about color has changed greatly over the last 100 or so years, and Dr. Adams will share his thoughts on the implications for our understanding resulting from these changes. Plus, there will be a technicolor reception in the garden afterward. Let me emphasize that this is the enchanted garden, and is the only such place in Los Angeles. It is special indeed. Friday, Jan 14 from 8 to 11 pm.

Conflicts abound here in the city.

Also on Friday, Latned Atsar presents “Lifting the Curse,” an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Nathan Danilowicz. This’ll be good! The Atsar people throw great parties and Nathan makes great work – which we don’t get to see often enough in LA. Danilowicz’ website, for your eddification and aesthetic pleasure: I don’t find any images from the upcoming show, so you’ll need to get in the car and head to Jefferson near Crenshaw. (If you take Crenshaw there is usually a great party at the barbecue place just south of Adams. That’d be Chef Marilyn’s. There’s a bar called “The Living Room” next door that looks inviting…..)

Hah! here’s another Friday opportunity – but one that begins at 7 so you can do some combining. From our esteemed friends at Statler Waldorf Gallery, 1098 West Kensington Road, Echo Park, 90026. (This is the private residence of Molly Larkey and is open only by appointment and for openings.) The list of artists in the upcoming exhibition, “Hack,”  is pretty darn worth looking at – well, I’ll show it to you: Alice Clements, Kelly Cline, Zackary Drucker, Rafael Esparza, Rico Gatson, Onya Hogan-Finlay, Katie Herzog, Bari Ziperstein. You will want to read the press release, you will also want to visit the exhibition.

But wait – there is something you need to know about Thursday night: 15 Space Twenty is hosting and Iko Iko are curating “Extraordianry Life Series,” with new work by Matt Merkel Hess, Julie Haft-Candell, Zachary Leener, Daniel Hope and Yelena Zhelazov. Space 15 Twenty, Iko Iko and Iko Iko blogspot site Thursday, January 13 from 7 to 10 pm. DJ Diner will be making us shake. Or rather –  DJ Diner will make you shake. I last shaked anything in 1993.

Oh dear, luncheon is complete. Food has been ignored. Sad it is to stop. I’ll be back later with the more.



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