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Image for opening of Oracle Woodshed at Elephant. Taken from the photobucket of Bianca d'Amico.

Image for opening of Oracle Woodshed at Elephant. Taken from the photobucket of Bianca d'Amico.

Aaah yes my friends, back to the weekend.

Saturday, Jan 15 our friends at Actual Size are hosting the premier of “Pals,” a TV show style video that was shot on site at Actual Size and tha features four young artists installing a group exhibition in a gallery. The four young artists in the Actual Size show are Wilson Chang, Richard Lidinsky, PJ Risse, and Natascha Snellman. Regarding the four young artists in “Pals,” while they are performed by the above named artists – they exist mostly in their own minds. Yes my friends, narcissism raises it’s ugly head. Hmm, I could try to craft an extended metaphor about the artworld being an echo chamber inhabited by a lot of little Narcissisi – but that wouldn’t be accurate, would it? Cinematography by Tyler Jamison, original score by Wilson Chang. 

There is an opening at Raid Projects, also on Saturday, that gives us the intriguing option of also driving to Common Space on Whittier Blvd. I’m cruising blind here, and can only pass along what I see on my monitor. A collaborative and nomadic exhibition initiative called “Durden and Ray” are celebrating a successful first year of “thinking outside the (white) box,” having presented the work of a number of artists in several international venues. Raid and Common Space will show us what all this means. Stop by and find out!

Elephant, which is a continuing moment in the space of artistic practice, investigation, exhibition and celebration, once again invite us to Glassel Park – this time to see “Woodshed Oracle,” the first (public) exhibition of work by Dr. Guy Lafleur, about whom you may read a little here I shall take a strong stand here and insist that you read Dr. Lafleur’s cv and then get yourself to Glassel Park this Sunday evening.

Born in a cheese cellar at Aix en Provence, France!

A youth in the French Foreign Legion!

Ph.D., Anthropology, Folklore and Public Culture, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, 1998!

Anthropomorphic Totems of the South Pacific, 1985-1989, City Lights Foundation, San Francisco, 1990!

Sealed with a Kiss: Heteronormative Narrative Strategies in Modern Indigenous Warfare, University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 1982!

If all this doesn’t sound too good to pass up then I refer you to the picture that opened this post. Get thee to Elephant.

I’ve got a few more things that I’ll get to tonight, including Charles Irvin at WPA, Torrance Art Museum coming on the 22nd, Leon Golub “Paintings 1995-2000” coming up at Griffin, “Professor Bad Trip” at Monday Evening Concerts on the 24th, Marcus Hesse and Michael Rey as Animalfaith at JB Jurve in Chinatown, Kamikaze at Post. Hmm. Probably more, too.

Charles Irvin, Mushroom Child, 30x24" oil on canvas, 2010

Charles Irvin, Mushroom Child, 30x24" oil on canvas, 2010

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