Continuing with Jan 18 thru Jan 23 (and a perfume story)

I think we’ve determined that the next two weekends will be more than any one person can possibly take in. Eek, I say to myself, what will we do? I don’t know. Here goes with the continuing list. Hmm. And as you have seen, I am reduced to simply listing. Sad is the one who doesn’t get to download a hundred pictures for each post, and cull them with love and care! Standards are slipping all over Notes on Looking land! Woe are we!

Eh, it’ll all work itself out. See you on the streets!

This by way of Knoxville, Tennessee: At the Cal State LA School of Fine Arts Gallery an old friend, Jim Ovelman, and Jim’s old friend (and I think I recall CSULA Professor) Barry Markowitz present Universe City. I understand that the two curators have built a model of the Cal State campus and are projecting videos by some forty artists on the outside walls of the gallery building, and inside the gallery, on the hand-built walls of the model. Brief and enticing explanation here.

To keep you for a while at Cal State LA, you ought to go by the Luckman Gallery where Adam Miller presents for our edification adn delectation Banquet of the Black Jackal, a group exhibition with work by Eduardo Consuegra, Adam D. Miller, Ruby Neri, Devon Oder, Amanda Ross-Ho, Liz Craft, Shio Kusaka, and Matthew Greene AND WITH A CATALOG with essayists Adam D Miller, Mark Von Shlegell, Lia Cheyenne Trinker Browner, and Evan Calder Williams. IF AT LEAST ONE OR TWO OF THESE NAMES DON’T GET YOU OUT OF YOUR SEAT AND INTO A CAR THEN….. you need to be spanked. There it is. Go.

Speaking of video, and catching an exhibition half-way through the run, Kristi Engle has been rotating curators in her space since December showing video work of diverse types and origins. Check the schedule and stop by next time you’re on Avenue 50 in HP.

Hey – more stories from Avenue 50 in HP: have you heard of Public Fiction (the museum of)? Nor had I until I pressed a friend to elucidate a mysterious appearance on his bio….. (remember the first rule of looking: always read bio’s and always ask questions.)

Quote, shall I, from the website:

PUBLIC FICTION is a small and shapeshifting museum.

In the model of cabinets curiosity – the shows combine made &
found things to create slightly unsual environments
to frame art, artifact and facsimile in one fictional place.

 Open SUNDAYS 12-6pm and other unpredictable hours.

 A little press from the Eastsider LA

And from JAPAN! (thank you Yuko)

 >>>—> CONTACT <—<<<

and another online presence for Lauren Mackler

We are free to suppose Public Fiction to be a project of the above-mentioned Lauren Mackler. Yay Lauren!

Not until Sunday, Jan 23 can you go to Apartment 2. At the spare yet gracious home of artist Kathryn Andrews, Owen Gump will show offset prints from a recent series. Gump is a Cali born, Cologne based artist and he has a website, so we can together do some reading and looking in preparation for Sunday’s opening.

Hint, hint: Apartment 2 is not all that far from Public Fiction, if you’re creative in your mental mapping. Take Avenue 50 back down to the 2 North, get off at Colorado, right on some street after the Eagle Rock Mall, and bingo! Both are on Sunday.

Oh! Wait a minute!!! In the way back of 1980-something, I was working at a christmas tree lot in La Canada. (Oh my gosh yes, I still can smell the pine! I was in heaven! At the time my scent of choice was a mix of the then new YSL Kouros and L’Heure Bleue. Kind of trashy/spunk and fin de siecle elegance combined. Put it on a scantily clad twenty-two year old bleach-blonde punk, mix with viscous pine sap and you’ve got a delicious time bomb.)

My boss took me for a drink and to the movies (a super rare event for me, even then). We went to the Eagle Rock Mall movie theater and saw……… that movie with Al Pacino in Miami and the piles of cocaine on the table, with the beautiful, icy blonde actress. Boss-guy punched me in the shoulder and pointed across the theater whispering, “There’s Michael Jackson!! Do you see him??” Um, I didn’t, Jackson was a little outside my sphere of interest, and it seemed unlikely anyway – I mean why Eagle Rock? But boss-guy insisted and, having spent most of my life in LA without ever seeing any real wattage as concerns stars, I recall the moment vividly.

I close this brief issue of Notes with that completely spurious-sounding and in any case totally unrelated to anything story. I’ll be back some time after work.


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