Brevity and alacrity, the science of

Like a fast moving train, I shall speed through much of what I know about this week and weekend.

Patricia Fernandez "Facsimiles," 2010, table with objects, 33x36x60"

Patricia Fernandez "Facsimiles," 2010, table with objects, 33x36x60"

Closing: Patricia Fernandez and Maha Saab at Ltd. I’ve seen presentations of work by each of these recent grads at spaces around town and now it good to see a more extensive show. I went last weekend, just missing a MOCA Contemporary’s artist talk. This weekend you can visit the exhibition at Ltd. on Sunset Blvd as well as new work by each artist at  Shirley’s booth at Art Los Angeles Contemporary. Go.

Maha Saab, "Song," 2010 wire, enamel, wood, steel. 64x18x19"

Maha Saab, "Song," 2010 wire, enamel, wood, steel. 64x18x19"

Since I mention Shirley Morales and Ltd. I want to offer my congratulations to Ms. Morales, who has now been on the street with Ltd. for an entire year. Yay Sirley, cheers to your continuing endeavors!

Speaking of Art Los Angeles Contemporary, you do have your tickets already, don’t you? Contemporary art from around the globe, performances and events by some of LA’s most challenging and exciting artists. GET IN LINE NOW! Brendan Fowler will be performing (courtesy of Untitled, NY) Thursday at 9 and Friday at 4; Paul Pescador will be performing (courtesy of Human Resources) also on Friday; X-TRA magazine is hosting another 1 Image 1 Minute event – this at CAA in Century City on 7:30 Friday, Jan 28. Last year this event much more than sold out. This year 1I1M is indeed one of the most sought after tickets in town….. cocktails at CAA? Fascinating intellectuals each speaking about an image close to their heart? Do you need more reasons to jump on board?!

Design Loves Art, at the Pacific Design Center, will be open ON THE WEEKEND!! Never happens, my friends. Take advantage of it.

More, when lunchtime comes along here in the city of the angels. (Eek – I first typed that passage as “here in the city of the angers.” and pictured to myself some ‘city in the hills,’ full of Kenneth Angers in leather jackets and in great beauty. Nice thought.)

See you soon.

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