Anything is possible, even probable, when you’re among friends

Hello cheerful readers of Notes on Looking, how is the new year treating you? Twenty days in and my January is smoking. Yay.

A few friends of mine, and perhaps of yours, too, are doing things that require a little collective action. (That’s sort of a pun, which will become clear in a bit.)

Nicholas Grider is an artist I’ve watched and admired since our first (anonymous) acquaintance in 2008-ish. Grider kept a blog (Everything, Everywhere, All of the Time), I enjoyed his writing, I learned helpful things about looking at art and especially at photography, then I lost track of his online presence, sort of forgot the name, until I…… found it again seeing his curatorial project Queer Territories at Sea and Space in April 2010, I read about his Welcome to Fake Iraq at the Angels Gate Cultural Center, and in October of this year I visited 100% Natural at Elephant. Wonderful work, all the way around.

Now I switch gears a bit.

The Collective Show is an ongoing series of exhibitions devoted to the work of contemporary art collectives. The firs show was at Participant in NY in the Fall of 2010. It was a stellar event – check out the list of artists and collectives involved. You will be amazed and disappointed that you missed it!

Do not let your disappointment boil over though!!! The Collective Show 2010 is in our own town of Los Angeles. Yay! All over the city, from Chinatown, to the above mentioned Elephant, Commonwealth and Council, Statler Waldorf, to Artist Curated Projects…… Public Fiction, Monte Vista, Workspace, WPA, Night Gallery…. I could continue all night with the fun and glory! But check the list for yourself – I missed things that you absolutely want to see.

Btw – tonight at the opening party (995 N. Hill St, adj to Bernard St.) I saw a book of letters to LA from various artists. Someone with the initials “DK” wrote an absolutely touching, beautiful paean to our city, to his city. This person listed the things LA has brought him or her over the past decade, simply and without affect. It is great. I believe the initials may be those of Darin Klein, if so congratulations Darin – extremely well done!

What exactly is my point here? Well…..

You may have noticed over the months or years that you’ve been reading that I especially admire people who do things. I practically stalk them, I admire them so. Do not tell me what you want to make, or what you wish would happen, instead tell me of something you’re working on – let me see some action taking place, some object in space,  a plan followed through. Then I will be fascinated.

Grider takes action, he makes things and he follows neat plans. The Collective Show is a group, an important group, of people who take action, and who do not take “no” as an answer to the question, “Can we do this?”

I recommend to you two Kickstarter campaigns:

Collective Show Los Angeles

The Masculinity Project of Nicholas Grider

Have fun this weekend, go out and support things by looking, asking questions and sharing.



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