Steve Roden at Pomona closing 12-19 and some SASSAS, too

Steve Roden, Bowrain sculpture-video-sound installation at Pomona College. Link to the homepage of Doug Harvey's blog.

Steve Roden, Bowrain sculpture-video-sound installation at Pomona College. Link to the homepage of Doug Harvey's blog.

My friends, I’ve been lax. But I’m back on my horsey and ready to tell you about things happening the weekend of Dec 11 and 12. This post won’t be complete until……. whenever I get it done, so check back often. haha



Oh – first news: Steve Roden’s exhibition at Pomona College closes on Dec 19. Not this weekend but distressingly soon. Eeeeek!

gmail [DOT] com) link to the Beasties”]Photo by Randy P, link to the Beasties

Photo by Randy P [email protected], link to the Beasties

I took a moment to check my calendar and realize that I have no concerts until January. Aaaaargh. This would be for me like No Sleep Till Brooklyn for the Beasties. To keep myself from going nuts I’ll hunt for delicacies on YouTube and share a few. (If you really hate my music links skip this part. But do so at your own peril.)

Music from the Trip (1967) in the style of a Schoenberg/Gershwin tennis match, observed in passing by Dr. Oskar Janiger, for String Quartet, Electric Bass, and Percussion.” A composition by Scott Benzel, video from a concert this past July with SASSAS at King’s Road Park. Mr. Benzel and the players.

Excerpt from performance of John Cage’s “Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano” with James Tenney on piano
These may be Sonata I and Sonata XV, recorded at a 2002 SASSAS concert at the Schindler House on King’s Road. Mr. Tenney and piano. (If you squint you can see  bleach-blonde me sitting with David in the second row. (Here’s to high volume peroxide and blue/purple toner!! Yay!)

While I’m in a James Tenney space, here’s Part 1 of 5 concerts called “Tributaries: Dedicated to the Memory of James Tenney” This being “Having Never Written a Note for Percussion” played by one of my piano hero’s, Danny Holt. Mr. Holt for James Tenney.

The Climax Golden Twins in July, 2009 also from SASSAS at King’s Road Park. The Twins – turntable, guitar and all.

All of the above from the invaluable Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS) who this year are celebrating their eleven years of existence. Snake-eyes! Go SASSAS – through them a few bones if you have the ability. Um, donations accepted here if my last sentence is too oblique for you.

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