Weekend of the 11th and 12th (Saturday morning)

Continuing now with the O’s and the C’s a little late perhaps, but there it is.

I was going to say that Dan Graham at Regen is closing today and then discovered that it closed on Dec 8. Weird isn’t that? Closing on a Wednesday. Sad too, since I missed it.

Seth Augustine, Mash-Ups is opening at Luis de Jesus today, Dec 11.

Alberto Burri at SMMoA is not closing but will be on Dec 18 so if you haven’t seen it you should go.

In Hollywood Maha Saab and Patricia Fernandez are opening tonight Dec 11 at Ltd.

Hmm, at Khastoo Dan Shaw-Town Used Paper is showing through Jan 15, which isn’t probably news but – the gallery is offering a “limited edition holiday photogram gift box by artist Job Piston.” Click here for info. This sounds completely neat and weird, for ease and to avoid getting wrong something I know nothing about I’ll grab from the press release:

“Inside the box are twelve unique photogram prints by the artist, each depicting an installation shot of the twelve exhibitions and projects at Khastoo Gallery to date. Beginning with the inaugural exhibition, “The Crack-Up,” from November 2008, all the way up to the current exhibition by Dan Shaw-Town, this archive of the gallery programming is transformed by the artist into the perfect collectible item. The photograms are made by exposing chromogenic paper to a laptop still, producing an image without the use of an enlarger. The resulting prints, 8 x 10 inches each, provide a fresh perspective on artifacts, temporality, and exhibition documentation.

The box set will be produced in an edition of 12; each edition includes 12 prints (of the 12 different shows at Khastoo) and is priced at $500. Because of the photogram process, there are slight variations to each print and so every set is unique.

Job Piston is a recent graduate of the MFA program at UCLA and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. The artist has exhibited at Artist’s Space, New York and Mak Center, Los Angeles and he will soon open his second solo presentation at Silverman Gallery in San Francisco on December 17, 2010.”

If it helps any of you make up your mind Piston shows with Silverman Gallery in SFO.

Image of Job Piston Holiday Photogram Gift Box from Khastoo.

Image of Job Piston Holiday Photogram Gift Box from Khastoo.

So okay, Cheyney Thompson has a show at Overduin and Kite that is closing next weekend. Imagine if you miss it, then go.

East to Chinatown.

Pepin Moore opened on Fri, Dec 10 with a three-person show: Talia Chetrit, Marie Jager, Jed Lind. Speaking of which, Jager has work in the Kim Schoen/Material curated Lovingly, Rose Peebles at the Brand Lbrary. Teh show closes Jan 7, 2011 and there is an artist’s talk today, Dec 11 from 1 to 3 pm. The journal Material is available at their website.

Actual Size has Vinyl Mandala today. A showing of limited press vinyl recordings, curated by Justin Cole. Performances and live dj sets tonight 7 to midnight.

I’m running out of time, I have an appointment at 11:30 (in thirty minutes) eek.

Bobbi Woods Dark Glasses installation at Workspace!

I leave you with some words from Brooke Eberly, taken from the Bobbi Woods press release. Enjoy!!!

Arroyo State Parkway swiftly carries belated mosquitoes and Willem-Dafoe-in-leather on television

through the screen door

Leonard sings one of his favorite melancholic songs

Air, strewn and flung around in otherwise–

–modest accommodations

spicy perfume, french hooker in fact, sharp smile, tousled hair all day

transplanted organs quickly become part of the life force

of the bigger organism they now inhabit

crypticism and subtlety equate to my understanding of charming and handsome

—one of these words is not a word,

is it?

-Brooke Eberle
Los Angeles, Dec. 2010


I forgot I Have a Light at S1F gallery and Who Are These People at Raid Projects.


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