Notes on Looking, February 4, 2010 (still updating)

Forgive the mobile phone image from Dawn Kasper's performance with the Worship in Truth Mass Choir at Circus Gallery. Link to YouTube video of performance.

Forgive the mobile phone image from Dawn Kasper's performance with the Worship in Truth Mass Choir at Circus Gallery. Link to YouTube video of performance.

Hello friends and Fellows!

Oh happy day! The ringing tones of the Worship in Truth Mass Choir at Circus Gallery this Sunday evening resonated with celebration, joy and probably a few tears. Artist Dawn Kasper gave a heartfelt goodbye to Circus by organizing a performace of this Rancho Cucamonga gospel choir to honor three years of great exhibitions given by gallerist John Knuth. The joy part of Kasper’s dedication comes later this month when Knuth ushers in a new tenure at Country Club, with an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by James Krone.

Study for Terretektorh (distribution of musicians), December 20, 1965 - Iannis Xenakis. Yes, this drawing is part of a musical score. Link to fascinating visual and audio clip on Ubu.web. Image Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

Study for Terretektorh (distribution of musicians), December 20, 1965 - Iannis Xenakis. Yes, this drawing is part of a musical score. Link to fascinating visual and audio clip on Ubu.web. Image Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

Possibly you remember that last week I teased you with news of the Iannis Xenakis drawing show at New York’s Drawing Center. WELL, YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! THE SHOW COMETH TO THEE! November 7, 2010 at MOCA Pacific Design Center. Link is to MOCA future exhibition list, check it out – along with Xenakis show are some more pretty spectacular shows. Aandrea Stang, MOCA’s Education Program Manager and another insatiable fan in pursuit of mad, mind-altering art experiences, gave me this good news at a concert of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, Davies Eight Songs for a Mad King and Globokar Corporel for Solo Percussion. (Yes, the concert was mad and mind altering. The partially nude solo percussionist played his own body with slaps and taps and thuds. Cool!)

Let’s review: Our first assignment is to attend Piano Spheres concert this coming Tuesday, Feb 9 to hear Susan Svrcek play piano music of Iannis Xenakis, among pieces by other great composers. Second assignment – hold our breath until November 7 at MOCA PDC for the amazing drawings!!

Meanwhile, as our faces turn purple, there’s a massive amount of stuff to see around town. Let’s get started!!

image here

There’s quite a party in Riverside this Saturday! Kristine Thompson, Assistant Curator at the California Musuem of Photography, has organized The Need to Hold Still, the first exhibition in the States of photographs by German artist Mirjam Dröge. I missed a talk Dröge gave at Monte Vista Projects last weekend and can’t make the opening but I will certainly make the trip later in the show. Check the link – her photographs look fascinating. Not in a loud way but in a quiet, “consider what I have to say because I’m confident enough of it not to shout” way.

I’ve read some of the interesting writing and interviews on Thompson’s website, seen her own work in local shows at the Luckman and at LACE, and spent some time talking with her on the telephone. I think we need to pay attention to what Thompson is doing in Riverside.

If you do go to that part of town on Saturday you’ll be able to attend the closing party at the Sweeney Art Gallery of Intelligent Design: Interspecies Art a co-curation of artist Rachel Mayeri and Tyler Stallings. Some of you lucky people will recall seeing Mayeri’s film installation Primate Cinema at FOCA’s 2008 Open Mic Nite. This closing party will also include the West Coast Premier of artist Fritz Haeg’s Animal Scores, a dance commissioned by the 2008 Whitney Bienniel.

When you make this drive be sure to stop at The Luckman Gallery at Cal State LA for Territories, Left of Center – a large fairly political-sounding show opening this coming Saturday. Then if you stay on the 10 go east about a million miles to Indian Hill Blvd exit and towards the mountains, turn right on Bonita, left on College and park.

You are now at the Pomona College Museum of Art. Say a cheerful hello to exhibitions of work by Amanda Ross-Ho and Helen Pashgian and then, if you have time, take in the 24 hour a day James Turrell Skyspace light show. If you like that sort of thing. (Link to interview with Ross-Ho on the occasion of her Fall 2009 installation at Yerba Buena for Wallworks, Betti-Sue Hertz’ highly praised curatorial debut at the space.)

The Box Gallery once again dons its mantle as the University Art Gallery of Chinatown and Greater Los Angeles by showing yet another artist who worked just long enough ago to fall in that cultural blind spot we have between our focus on the new and our peripheral vision where-in reside those artists we “know all about” (and stop briefly in front of their work in museums, nodding sagely before moving on). Meaning that we should be fairly comfortable acknowledging our ignorance and rush to the Box to see and learn! The Box, 977 Chung King Rd 90012, Robert Mallary opening Saturday, Feb 6.

By the way, while you’re on the Box website please do note that the International Association of Art Critics voted John Altoon: Drawings 1962-1968 best show in a commercial gallery nationally. The Box. Best In Show!

I link to a lot of music, usually for a reason, no matter how concocted. This link, however has no justification except that I’ve been singing this to myself for the better part of forty years. Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Function? Enjoy. (My memory of the song has more soul in it than this wonder-breaded original. Sad.)

Workspace, the friendly stop for art in Five Points, celebrates the release of Original Plumbing #2 with a show of photographs, films and fun. Featured artists include Amos Mac, Jenn Kolmel, Zackary Drucker, Deanna Erdman & Darin Klein, Rhys Ernst, Mariah Garnett, Austin Young & Barry Pett. Workspace, 2601 Pasadena Ave 90031.

Vaguely in the neighborhood and one only day later, come to Raid Projects on Saturday, Feb 6 to see Default State Network, another of those great group shows Raid has done for years. Who’s in the show Geoff? Oh dear, click and read the list. I promise you it’s a nice one.

Some notes on stuff around town that I haven’t seen but know to be showing.

Robert Rauschenberg at the Pasadena Armory. Prints Rauschenberg made at Gemini over a forty year span, this Saturday paired with a concert of John Cage music played by the Southwest Chamber Orchestra. Knowing how the art world reveres Cage tix are probably sold out, but give it a try!

Alison Schulnik closing this weekend at Mark Moore in Bergamot Station. But only if you go across the parking lot and see Bas Jan Ader at Patrick Painter!!

It’s been a busy few weeks, with art fairs and all. I’m whupped and going to stop. Enjoy these pix of the fairs and some great shows courtesy of my photographic crutch, Try Harder.

(Quiet pause while the author tries to pull himself away from the keyboard.)

Once I have my hat on I can’t take it off. Do you know about Guide LA? Blog, artist dvd source, video sampler and all-around fun place to spend time. Check it out.

What about Ubu.Web? Know this one? I’m sure many of you do and use it all the time, but for those who don’t let me see how many times I can use the word “amazing” in one sentence: Hmm. Well, skip that effort. Go yourself to Ubu, look at a few world famous and free for the viewing videos and films, listen to some amazing music and sound art (there’s that word!) and more stuff I don’t even understand or have the software to download.

On the front page of Ubu.web when I clicked are things by Gertrude Stein, Paul Chan, Maya Deren, Forough Farokkzhad, Canada Inuit Games and Songs, John Cage, Dara Birnbaum, Tacita Dean, Dan Graham and Jacques Lacan. Whew. Good Lord. Got that?!

Now I wish you good looking. (And you are good-looking, aren’t you?!)

Talk with you next week,

Geoff Tuck

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